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Round 4 Putters Introduces Two New 3D Printed Putter Models

Pompano Beach, FL — Round 4 Putters has added two new putters to its product lineup. Both are manufactured with 3D printing technology and represent the culmination of an extensive period of product development and prototyping.

The Closer is a traditionally sized and shaped blade with the forgiveness of a super-MOI mallet. By utilizing the advantages of 3D printing technology and a multi-material construction approach incorporating steel, aluminum, and an amazing 150 grams of tungsten, The Closer has an MOI over 6,000!

The Slider 3DP is a mid-mallet based on the shape of Round 4’s popular milled Slider model. It features elegant proportions and a subtle asymmetry giving it a visual sense of flow. Like The Closer, it features a 3D printed steel body, a photochemically milled steel face, and is internally packed with tungsten and aluminum to significantly boost MOI.

Quoting Round 4 founder Al Vikmanis: “The ideas for these putters came to me a while ago when I first discovered metal 3D printing. 3D printing is an additive process, building up a shape layer by layer. This is the opposite of milling, used in almost all high end putters in the market today. Milling can make sharp and precise cuts in metal, but it has some pretty hard limitations in what it can and can’t do, particularly regarding internal spaces. 3D printing technology is capable of making complex shapes and internal geometries that are simply not possible with other techniques and open up entirely new design approaches to optimizing weight distribution in a putter. By utilizing these new techniques and employing both lighter and heavier metals strategically within the putter, we have been able to massively increase the MOI and forgiveness of these putters. Most ’super-MOI’ putters are huge in both size and weight and are a major departure from traditional putters in both look and feel. These putters are designed with normal dimensions and traditional overall weights. They look and play like traditional putters but have the forgiveness of a huge super-MOI mallet.”


The Closer is available in three neck styles (plumbers neck, flow neck, and center shaft) in both right and left hand.

The Slider is available in two neck styles (heel shaft and center shaft) in both right and left hand. Both models also feature photochemically milled steel face inserts with a choice of two different groove patterns.

Both models feature a nickel plated finish. Headweights for the Closer and the Slider are 350g and 353g, respectively, but either can be special ordered to any target headweight.

Price: Starting at $499.

Available now at

About Round 4 Putters

Round 4 Putters works to create the world’s best putters through innovation, design, and craftsmanship. We seek out new technologies, incorporate new materials, and develop new design concepts to create putters with superior physical properties. Our new 3DP Design line of putters are manufactured with 3D printing technology and represent a major step forward in putter technology. 3D printing allows us to create shapes and internal geometry that are impossible to produce with other manufacturing techniques, empowering us to radically redistribute mass within the putter head and massively increase MOI and forgiveness. These putters are truly the state of the art.

Round 4 Putters was founded by Al Vikmanis, a passionate golfer and businessman. Prior to launching Round 4 Putters, Vikmanis was a strategy consultant and investment banker, and most recently was a member of the executive team at Arccos Golf where he helped develop and launch its original product. Al holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BS in Economics from the George Washington University.

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