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Broadmoor Golf Club, Dormie Club Now Offer StrackaLine Greens Guides

Golfers Can Now Access Same Greens Guides Professional Golfers Are Using To Aid Putting

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – StrackaLine, using a 3-D laser scanner, has created professional greens guides for Broadmoor Golf Club, one of the most acclaimed private clubs in the Pacific Northwest, and Dormie Club, a consensus top 100 public course.

StrackaLine’s growing network of courses provides competitive amateurs and recreational golfers with access to the same information PGA Tour players are using to help improve their game.

StrackaLine collects millions of data point when it scans a green, allowing it to digitally recreate a putting surface down to the millimeter. The data collected is processed by the company’s hydrology software that calculates water drainage flow from the highest points of the green to the lowest, creating golf’s most accurate greens maps.

“Golfers who are serious about improving their ability to read greens are flocking to StrackaLine,” said Jim Stracka, president of StrackaLine. “Our greens guides are the game’s most detailed, and we are delighted to welcome Broadmoor Golf Club and Dormie Club to the StrackaLine team.”

Located in Seattle, Wash., Broadmoor, the host of the 2018 Pac 12 Championship, has tested the likes of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus over the years. Dormie Club, designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, is one of the best courses in Pinehurst, N.C., and all of America.

StrackaLine scans courses for $1,500 and that includes 100 greens guides for resale. The scanning process takes five hours to complete and is unobtrusive to the golfer experience.

StrackaLine’s quality and accuracy have led to widespread adoption on the PGA, LPGA and tours, in addition to their use by more than 300 Division I college teams.

The greens maps, which feature easy to read arrows, allow players to view contour and fall lines, in addition to slope percentage, anywhere on the green.

StrackaLine now has 700+ courses scanned, including some of the nation's most prominent layouts. Use of the greens guides at the highest levels of the game surged throughout 2017, and the company now counts nearly every Division I golf program, including last year’s national champions, among its users.

Professional usage has helped drive interest in the StrackaLine Greens Guides, and the technology is just as valuable to "regular" amateur golfers hoping to improve their score.

For golf course owners and operators, the technology can be used to improve pace of play and help ensure quality course conditions. StrackaLine offers hole location software that allows superintendents to utilize a proprietary algorithm to help set hole locations.

StrackaLine will continue to add to its library of golf courses throughout 2018. It takes just eight minutes to scan and capture an entire green and the StrackaLine team can complete an 18-hole course and practice green in five hours without disrupting play.

For more information on how to order a greens guide or have a course scanned, go to

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