Garmatex: IceSkin - Product Review

The Good: Very comfortable, fashionable design, breaths well, designed to enhance swing performance, odor resistant technology.

The Bad: Limited design options, will at times show areas of perspiration.

The Bottom Line: Garmatex has created a golf shirt which will allow golfers to play more comfortably on days of any temperature, both hot and cold. While it maintains that you should feel cooler when the temperature outside rises, this was not exactly my experience. However, while you may not feel noticeably cooler, the shirt is extremely comfortable to play in on a hot day.

When one thinks of technology in the game of golf, we most often go right to thoughts of drivers, woods, irons, wedges and golf balls. You may think of high performance shoes, but other than that, clothing is not usually associated.

Clothing has for a long time been a major factor in the golf industry, but when we think of clothing, we usually think of fashion. We think of players out on Tour who are wearing outfits which are sharp and modern.

It is rare to find companies marketing their clothing with promises of technological advances which will enhance performance out on the course, but Garmatex is such a company. Having recently introduced their IceSkin technology, they have adopted scientific principles to create a high-performance golf shirt designed to keep you cool and dry in the hottest of temperatures.

Garmatex’s technology is based off of the use of natural jade minerals. They state that their IceSkin brand, “Is engineered through a complex, multilayered knitting process. By combining a high percentage of natural jade minerals with our CoolSkin microfiber technology, our Moisture System Transference process accelerates evaporation, resulting in a fabric with extraordinary performance capabilities.”