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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions. To get you results.
Social Media

Social media can be an effective means for engaging your with your target audience. If done correctly, your social media will be in sync with your corporate strategies and will help achieve your goals and objectives. Our team of social experts can help get you set up with a targeted social strategy that works for you.


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Photography & Fly Overs

We effectively launched one of the first golf course aerial photography and video fly-over services in North America using state of the art drone technology.  


Showcase your facility like never before with stunning aerial hole-by-hole fly overs and promotional videos.   

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Brand Development

Building a brand, marketing it and managing media relations can easily be full time responsibility.  As such it can limit your ability to focus on your core business responsibilities.


We can help alleviate some of that stress by working with you to create and manage a brand development strategy.


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Contact Managment

Arguably more important that social media, developing and maintaining a database of clients and customers will prove to be invaluable.  


Through a well established contact management system, you can reach out to your supporters with news, updates and promotions.



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Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to share your company news and announcements with the media and essentially for reaching the masses.


With a variety of news distribution options, including re-posting press release, social sharing, media distribution and more, we can help your news reach the golf community.  


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Creative Content

Key to developing a brand and building an identity is how well you tell your story. Consumers need to be able to relate to your brand and to feel as though they are a part of the growth and development.  Creative writing articles, allow you to convey your story to the golfing community, giving them the opportunity to feel engaged.  

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Gaining exposure for your brand is essential for your growth.  With countless online opportunities, finding the right ones for your brand can be an overwhelming process.  


Through a combination of search advertising and display advertising, we can put together a digital marketing game plan that will get your brand recognized.


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Website Development

A company website is the foundation of building your brand identity.  It's where your message is conveyed to the public and is one of the most important pieces to running a successful business.  


We will work together in the development of a functional and professional website that properly represents your brand.


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