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Brand Development/Puclic Relation services include:


  • Developing a timeline/plan of action 

  • Press Release Distribution  (Distributed to over 10,000 news/media outlets)

  • Managing media inquiries on your behalf

  • Organizing media interviews, product reviews and other promotional opportunities 

  • Email Blasts (send to over 1.4 million golfers each)

  • Social Media Management

  • Posting review/advertorial articles on the ESG network and sent to our industry partners 

  • Sidebar advertisement on ESG websites

  • Permanent presence on the ESG website under 'client/partner' section

  • Social Media engagements/interactions  (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Title Banner sponsorship on our main ESG homepage

  • Brainstorming sessions on current/upcoming projects

  • Help and feedback relating to strategic planning, advertising/marketing strategy, brainstorming etc.

Brand Development


Building a brand, marketing it and managing media relations can easily be full time responsibility.  As such it can limit your ability to focus on your core business responsibilities.


We can help alleviate some of that stress by working with you to create and manage a brand development strategy.


Building a brand and conveying your message to the public, is one of the most important pieces to running a sucessful business.  


Demonstrating how you differenciate yourself from competitors, and developing an innovative brand identity, will help your brand grow exponentially.  


Brand development, marketing and public relations can be time consuming tasks, which limit your ability to focus on your core business. We can help alleviate some of that stress through our customized PR packages, designed specifically to your business needs.  We realize that every company has different goals, objects and visions, which is why we customize each of our public relations packages to fit your specific business needs. 


We work with each of our clients to understand your brand and formulate a plan of action to focused on achieving your goals.  


The cost for our public relation packages start at $500/month and are based on a 12 month term.

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