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Aerial Photography & Video Fly Overs

Showcase your golf course with breathtaking aerials and hole by hole video fly overs

Using state of the art equipment and experienced photographers, we offer photography and videography packages that will elegantly showcase your golf course.  With a range of standard packages, we can also work with you to customize a package specific to your needs. 

Golf Course Photography


Have your course photographed like it's never been before.  With a combination of ground and aerial photography, we're able to efectively capture the essence and beauty of your course.


Photo shoot typically takes a full day and we will be sure to shoot all important aspects of your course, each hole, the clubhouse as well as high altitude overview shots.


Aerial and ground photography packages available starting at $600


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Promo Videos & Fly-Overs


With the launch of the Golf Aerials brand in 2014, we became one of the first companies in Canada to offer bespoke aerial filming packages for golf clubs.  We are able to offer packages which are specifically tailored for you and will be designed around the facilities that are available at your club.  


With a selection of course promo videos and/or hole by hole video fly-overs, we can create video collection that will truley enhance and showcase the beauty of your facility.


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Promo Video


Filming will typically take a full day and we will shoot both aerial and ground based footage from a second camera to give the best coverage of your club and course.  We will select the very best aerial shots and integrate them with any ground bassed shots to produce a stunning 2-3 minute promotional video showcasing all that your club has to offer. 


Once finished we will host the video for you on a our streaming site, which can then be linked to your own website.  We will also supply you with a standalone DVD copy of the video should you wish to incorporate this in any future marketing material.


Cost for Promo Video - $1,500

6 Hole Fly-Overs


Capture the essenence of your golf course with fly-over videos of your 6 most breathtaking holes.  


After filming, our team will edit and compose a seperate video for each of the 6 holes.  Each video will be approximately 45 seconds in length.  These videos offer super smooth tee to green shots of your signature holes to give your course that professional 'PGA Tour' feel.  


Cost for this package - $3,000

18 Hole Fly-Overs + Promo Video


This package will provide your course with a complete 'virtual tour' including 18 individual video fly overs of each hole, a promo video of your entire facility as well as a bundle of still shot photographs.


Filming will take 2-4 full days, and typically works best in early mornings and late evenings.  After filming our team will edit and compose videos and combine with inspiring royalty-free music. 



Cost for this package $6,000

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