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Anecdote Film Co. - Aerial Cimematography Reel

Company: Anecdote Film Co.

Location: Newark, Ohio, USA

Owner: Caleb Sapp

Equipment: DJI Mavic Pro

Insurance: Yes

Licensed: Yes

We're thrilled to welcome Caleb Sapp and Anecdote Film Co to the Golf Aerials family as our latest official contributor. As you can see from the video above the Anecdote Film Co. produces high quality videos that tell a visual story, evoking passion and emotion from viewers. We're excited to work with Caleb and his team to share their stunning collection of videos.


Anecdote Film Co. is a visual production company that specializes in storytelling. Sometimes those stories require a birds-eye view. Aerial drone videography and photography can be crucial steps towards making your story stand out. Wether you need to capture a golf course, and event, real estate, nature, or anything that requires some altitude, we can help.

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