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​Driving Better Recovery: Marc Pro Teams with Golf Legend David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is committed to holistic methods of recovery and pain relief for professional and amateur golfers and has experienced the positive impact of the Marc Pro devices

Huntington Beach, CA - Marc Pro, creators of electronic muscle recovery and conditioning devices that maximize training, help prevent injury and deliver pain relief, announces a partnership with renowned golf coach, author and founder of the Leadbetter Academy, David Leadbetter.

David Leadbetter’s career in golf instruction started to take off in the mid-1980s. Since then, Leadbetter has coached 22 players to Major PGA Championship titles and over 100 individual worldwide victories, with 7 of those players holding the first place spot on the Official World Golf Ranking. He currently hosts his own satellite radio show, continues to author new publications, develops new training aids, and consistently delivers innovative and elite level instruction to players worldwide. To this day, Leadbetter continues to coach several of the top golfers on the PGA, LPGA, and European Tour.

For the average amateur golfer, regular pains or niggles can affect the golf game. As golfers play harder and get older, chronic pain can become more prevalent and tends to prevent people from playing their best game or hitting the green as frequently as they would want. David Leadbetter was introduced to the Marc Pro via David Donatucci, owner of the Institute of Performance, and several of his students. The day Leadbetter tried the Marc Pro, he was dealing with pain in his own finger, and was able to experience the positive effects of the Marc Pro for himself.

“It’s simple, the Marc Pro allows an individual to use the device and feel less pain,” said David Leadbetter. “Anyone from an amateur to pro golfer can decrease recovery time and get on the green more by using the Marc Pro.”

“Marc Pro is excited to work with David Leadbetter,” said Marc Pro President and CEO, Ryan Heaney. “David understands the power of this easy to use device and recognizes its value in faster recovery because it allows so many players to stay in the game, and enjoy every stroke. Marc Pro fits so well with David’s holistic philosophy to help people feel better so they are more likely to play better.”

Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are available at and will be available on David Leadbetter’s personal website for sale.


Marc Pro®, Inc. is a privately held firm based in Huntington Beach, CA. The founders have over 30 years of experience researching, designing, manufacturing and selling electrical stimulation devices in the medical field. All of that research was used to develop the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus. Marc Pro works with many of the most elite organizations in the country and have sold our devices to players and trainers from over 100 professional and amateur teams.

We’ve accumulated numerous peer reviewed published studies on our specific technologies. We’ve patented our technologies and processes, and we’ve developed a reputation as having the most unique and effective electrical stimulation devices available. We used all of this research and experience to develop the technology and protocols used in Marc Pro devices. We designed and manufacture the Marc Pro devices ourselves, right here in Huntington Beach California where our corporate and manufacturing headquarters reside. We are dedicated to helping athletes at all levels do more, recover faster, and feel better!


David Leadbetter is a revered voice in golf instruction and continues to coach several top PGA, LPGA, and European Tour players, host his own satellite radio show, author new publications, develop new training aids, and continue to bring the same innovative and elite level instruction to players everywhere. He has a great passion for growing the game and developing junior golfers, and his Leadbetter Kids Schools continue to expand across Asia.

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