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Top 10 - Tips for Mid-Handicapers

Like any other physical or sporting activity, sometimes, as much as we feel we’re constantly improving day in and day out, we hit that proverbial ceiling, a level so stubborn, we get the idea we’re going to be stuck there for quite a while. There will come a time when we reach a certain level. Say, we become mid-handicappers. Here, we end up gathering enough confidence to play some of the best local golf courses or country clubs. Some of us may even begin to slack off a little, thinking the next level will come naturally. Others, no matter how hard they try, seem to plateau skill-wise. So with that in mind, here are the top 10 ways on how to lower your golf handicap in less than a year. Hit the Range – Last year, Golf Monthly’s Joel Tadman covered the best compact mid-handicap irons of 2016. But these technologically advanced irons will not swing themselves and improve your handicap if you don’t practice. Hitting balls at your favorite driving range improves your swing, while also keeping your confidence intact. Practice Putting – In line with above mentioned activity, it’s also important to practice your short game. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day at home, pick a putting drill and commit to it. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll improve your consistency, especially those four-footers. Stay Fit – Golf isn’t like mixed martial arts or any other physical activity, however, it’s still vital to take your fitness seriously. Aside from stretching, do other pursuits such as interval training and the likes in order to strengthen your core. Greatist lists 21 easy, low impact exercises that build core strength. Play in Unfamiliar Conditions – Whether you find yourself stuck playing in bad weather or putting on terrible terrains, being out of your “comfort zone” challenges you in different ways. By doing this regularly it will help you to adapt to different scenarios and external factors. Play Alone – Part of the aforementioned tip also entails your alone time or “me” time. This is one great way to focus on every facet of your game, without the distractions of others. Play on Different Golf Courses – Additionally, you also have to familiarize yourself with various challenges on different golf courses. In other words, branching out to other courses is a sure fire way to keep you on your toes. Monitor Your Stats – It’s imperative to track progress, thankfully we live in a digital world where almost every task can be monitored with ease. Golf website Play Your Course published an article that highlights the top apps that will help you keep track of your stats. In the article Best Golf Apps, you’ll find a handful of apps to cater for your specific needs. Consider Your Equipment – You’ll definitely know and feel when it’s time for an equipment upgrade. Part of this also includes getting fitted for clubs. Regardless of your skill level, having somewhat personalized golfing equipment can do wonders to your game. Allow the Club to do its Thing – A lot of mid-handicappers still carry the wrong notion that the harder they hit the ball, the further it’ll travel. Once you solely focus on your swing and control its mechanics, the rest will certainly follow. Get a Firm Grip – Lastly, taking your game to the next level often times boils down to the simplest of things like changing your grip. A study on states that 9 out of 10 golfers play with wrong-sized grips. Take time to study and research the proper techniques when it comes to holding the club and the right gloves to wear.

About the Author

Aside from being a literature buff and avid wanderlust, BJ Rodriguez is a passionate golfer. During his cross-country travels, he regularly local driving ranges and courses to meet new, equal-minded friends. One of BJ’s future plans is to go back to the Philippines and play a round or two with his dad who’s now based in the country.

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