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From Enrichment to Equipment, TGA Launches New Junior Golf Club Line

Leading youth sports brand expands to become the only company in the golf industry to offer junior golf programming and equipment

Los Angeles, CA – TGA Premier Junior Golf, the nation’s leading introductory and recreational golf program ensuring the games future, has expanded on its junior golf expertise with the launching of its own line of custom fit golf club’s for boys and girls.

“Since 2003 TGA has become a leading expert on introductory and recreational junior golf instruction,” said TGA’s founder and CEO, Joshua Jacobs. “By experiencing first hand how juniors learn, swing and react to equipment, we have developed the best looking and performing junior golf clubs on the market which will further expand our expertise and credibility among our golf consumers.”

With the launch of its equipment line, TGA positions itself as the only company in the golf industry fully dedicated to growing the game through programming initiatives and providing its own properly fitted golf equipment along the way.

To bring the new clubs to market, Jacobs called on 30-year golf industry manufacturing veteran Ross Kvinge of Plus One Sports, who has worked with high profile manufacturers like Nicklaus Golf and Spalding. Kvinge has witnessed first hand the impact that TGA has on the industry and believes adding equipment to its model will only increase its market presence and exposure.

“As a long time veteran in sourcing, manufacturing and distributing golf equipment, I am proud to be part of TGA’s grassroots model and develop the TGA Premier Junior Golf line of equipment,” said Kvinge. “In addition, as a TGA franchise owner myself and seeing the rapid success of the model, providing properly fit golf equipment and creating a pathway from enrichment to equipment was only natural.”

TGA’s equipment is designed with technology that makes it easier for beginning and experienced junior golfers to excel. This is especially true with the driver, which is the largest driver head on the market for juniors featuring a lightweight hot forged design.

Not to be outdone is the technology in TGA junior irons. Unlike most junior golf equipment companies who position the sweet spot too high and toward the heel of the club, TGA irons are designed by redistributing weight from the hosel out along the top-line of the club which positions the sweet spot perfectly centered on the clubface creating easier and more consistent shots.

“Our TGA equipment was created and designed with the ultimate focus group; junior golfers themselves along with junior golf instructors and PGA Professionals through enrichment programs at schools, camps, and leagues nationwide,” explained Kvinge. “Through our equipment, junior golfers will experience more fun, improve quicker, and become vested in the sport long-term.”

TGA Premier Junior Golf boxed sets will be available January 2016, and be offered in seven color-coded sizes based on height with right and left handed options for both boys and girls making it convenient and affordable for parents to fit their junior golfer. Yellow for boys/girls under 3’, Orange for 3’-3’8, Red and Pink for 3’8-4’4, Blue and Lavender 4’4-5’ and Black for 5’-5’6. Sets will range from $89.99 - $149.99 depending on size and include 3-6 clubs, a stand bag, and head-covers. A percentage of each purchase will be donated to the TGA Sports Foundation.

TGA will offer its junior golf equipment through national retail outlets, golf facilities and online club sales through its website. TGA will also offer a trade up program for families to keep their kids fitted properly.

About TGA Premier Junior Golf

TGA Premier Junior Golf (TGA) is the leading industry model bringing new players into the game and ensuring its future. The franchise business model, recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a “Top 10 Franchise Value,” empowers entrepreneurs, PGA Professionals, PGA Sections and Golf Management Companies to activate youth (ages 3-13) and their parents (ages 25-45) through introductory programs at elementary and middle schools, childcare centers and community centers. TGA’s curriculum focuses on instilling a passion and skills development of golf while incorporating character development, STEM core academics, and physical activity. Introductory programs feed into recreational programs at golf courses that include camps and leagues. TGA has taught over 500,000 juniors while making the sport available to 1.5 million families nationwide.

For more information about TGA Premier Junior Golf, visit or follow @TGAJuniorGolf on Twitter.


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