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Name That Golfer - Week 16

Presented by CHASE54, this weeks #NameThatGolfer contest could be the most challenging one to date. With that being said, greater challenges often yield greater rewards, and this week is no exception. CHASE54 has generously assembled a prize pack that will have you looking the part of a professional with a complete outfit based on this Tour players top look. Prize Pack includes: Polo Shirt, Outerwear, Pants & T-Shirt (Approximate retail value: $275) Do you recognize this golfer?

ntg week16.jpg

About Chase54

CHASE54 is golf apparel designed to push the limits of what’s considered possible. In fit. In feel. In fashion and performance. Our garments are made to shatter your expectations of what golf clothing can be, both on and off the course. As golfers and people, we believe that perfection might always be just beyond our reach, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim to achieve it. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience under our belt, we strive for unprecedented excellence in each and every piece of clothing we make. This passion and dedication can be found in every precise stitch and unique feature of each and every garment. From integrating the greatest fabrics and latest technologies, to designing the most striking styles and original looks, we push closer to perfection with each piece of golf wear we create. So go ahead. Set your goals high. In golf and in life, chase 54. We’ll be right there with you. For more information visit:

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About Name That Golfer "Name That Golfer" is a weekly contest series where we post caricature/sketches of PGA Tour players, LPGA Tour players and other golf personalities. If you recognize the golfer illustrated, share your answer with us through one of our social channels using #NameThatGolfer for your chance at weekly prizes. Submit your guess in the comment section below, or join the conversation on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@EatSleepGolf) and use #NameThatGolfer. To see all our golf sketches from other weeks, click here.

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