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Top 10 - Par 3 Holes in the World

Whilst the selection of the best par 3 hole in the world may come down an individual's personal taste, there is no doubt that certain par 3's stand out above others. Many par 3's are incredibly difficult where as others are made purely to delight. Here is a run down of the top 10 par 3 holes in the world.

10. Trump International Golf Club - Hole 14 - Ireland

Designed by Greg Norman, Doonbeg Golf Club, Ireland features a very short par 3 of just 111 yards. However, do not be deceived in to thinking it will be a stroll in the park, located on the coast, as soon as the wind picks up the tee shot becomes a very tough challenge. Any slight misjudgements will be punished.

9. Whistling Straits - Hole 17 - USA

Stretching over 220 yards, the par 3, 17th hole on The Straits is enough to send a shiver down your spine. Looking up from the tee, the huge, deep bunkers are the first, obvious dangers that catch the eye but drift too far left and the sharp decline towards the water comes in to play.

8. Vale Do Lobo Royal - Hole 16 - Portugal

One of the most photographed holes in European golf, the 16th hole at Vale Do Lobo Royal measures in at a total of 224 yards. The tee is situated on the edge of a cliff, which provides an additional adrenaline rush for those suffering with vertigo. Clearing the gap in the cliffs between the tee and green is the first task and making par is a job well done.

7. TPC Scottsdale - Hole 16 - USA

The difficulty or the design of this par 3 hole would probably not be enough for it to make the list, however, to witness this hole during the Phoenix Open is something else. The set-up is something more regularly seen in gladiator movies, with spectators screaming and shouting from stalls situated around the hole. The intimidation factor can be enough to beat many players on this hole.

6. Cypress Point - Hole 16 - USA

The Pacific Ocean provides the main hazard of this magnificent par 3, 16th hole at Cypress Point. However, successfully sending your ball over the water does not necessarily guarantee results. Well placed bunkers and an average sized green can provide difficulties, especially to those who start to relax having made it over to the other side.

5. Royal Troon - Hole 8 - Scotland

Known as the Postage Stamp, the 8th hole at Royal Troon is the shortest hole in Open Championship golf. On the face of it, the hole looks as if it should make for a comfortable par 3, however, the reality is much different. The green is difficult to hit and even by finding it, getting the ball to stick is another matter entirely. A less than perfect shot will be punished as the ball rolls off in to one of the deep, unforgiving hole side bunkers.

4. TPC Sawgrass - Hole 17 - USA

The famous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass is one of the most famous holes in the world of golf because of it's island green. Yes, it is possible to make birdies on this hole and plenty of players do. Having said that, it has also been responsible for destroying a round of a golf, with many balls finding the surrounding water.

3. Punta Mita - Hole 3B - Mexico

Not the first par 3 to feature in the list that requires a shot over the Pacific ocean, hole 3B at Punta Mita boasts the world's only natural island green. In low tide, it's possible to reach the green using a golf cart but in high tide, an amphibious vehicle awaits to take those players over, who were good enough to find the target.

2. Augusta National - Hole 12 - USA

Easily one of, if not the most famous par 3 hole in the world of golf, the par 3 12th at Augusta National has provided plenty of drama over the years. Guarded by three well placed bunkers and Rae's Creek, the green is very shallow and the hole combines with the second shot at the 11th and first two shots of the 13th holes to make 'Amen Corner'. Featuring the Ben Hogan bridge and always beautifully manicured, this hole looks picture perfect but the wind can cause havoc with any tee shot.

1. Coeur d'Alene Golf Club - Hole 14 - USA

If, having seen the island par 3 holes at both TPC Sawgrass and the Pacifico Course, you were thinking that island holes could not get any better, think again. The 14th hole at Coeur d'Alene Golf Club features a green that is completely cut off from the rest of the course. The man made island is only reachable by boat and not only that, it can be moved, meaning the hole can play differently every time. The par 3 14th at Coeur d'Alene Golf Club really is one of a kind.

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