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The Olde Farm - Flyover

Course: The Olde Farm Golf Club

Location: Bristol, Virginia, USA

Filmed by: Premier Aerials

Course Overview

The Olde Farm is one of the most highly acclaimed private golf clubs in the country, providing members not only world–class golf, but also a preeminent food and wine venue.

The Olde Farm Clubhouse is patterned after Castle Hill, a historic home built more than 200 years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia. The stately clubhouse welcomes all members who arrive on property and provides a homecoming filled with warm woods, rich textures, and gourmet dining. The Clubhouse is located in the exact spot of the original home built on the property in the 1700s in a grove of oak trees. Two of these majestic trees continue to stand guard outside the Clubhouse today.

Members enjoy the Clubhouse for entertaining social and business guests in a variety of dining and meeting areas. The Clubhouse combines Southern charm and hospitality with modern amenities and facilities.

Its rustic elegance and complete lack of distractions lend The Olde Farm its distinguished character and rural charm. Perhaps Golf Digest’s Ron Whitten said it best after naming The Olde Farm Best New Private Course of 2000: “The Olde Farm, Bobby Weed’s first Best New winning design, is old school yet representative of the future of golf.” Or as we like to say, pure golf at its best.

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