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The ultimate guide to the Le Golf National course

Starting in 1927, the Ryder Cup is a biennial men’s golf competition between teams made up of the best players from Europe and the United States. Although the competition was originally between Great Britain and the United States, continental European players have been eligible to join the Great Britain team what is now known as Team Europe in 1979. The decision to include these continental players was made in 1977 in order to make the matches more competitive, since the Americans almost always won, often by lopsided margins.

Since the inclusion of continental European golfers in 1979, the matches have become much more competitive with the American’s winning the trophy 8 times, the Europeans 10 times, and one match finishing as a tie. This has also led to the tournament becoming one of the most watched golf tournaments in the world, generating enormous media attention every two years.

This year’s tournament will be taking place in France for the first time in the tournaments history at the Albatros Course at Le Golf National. It is also the second time that the tournament will be held in mainland Europe, with the last tournament taking place on the mainland being the 1997 tournament in Spain.

The current holders of the Ryder Cup trophy are Team USA who beat the European team 17-11 in 2016. Obviously the American’s will be hoping to retain their trophy for the first time in decades, and are the favourites to do so according to the Ryder Cup 2018 betting odds available, despite their woeful form in Europe.

Considering that the 2018 Ryder Cup is almost here, this infographic has been created which gives you all the vital information you need to know about the course will be being used, such as the length of the course and the par numbers. Have a look and find out everything you need to know.

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