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One Obsession: Bubba Watson

The epitome of an extraordinary athlete, Bubba Watson has transcended the game of golf with his unprecedented talent and authentic demeanor. Constantly striving to perfect his craft, Watson finds any opportunity he can to work on his game. While sometimes unconventional, Watson plays by his own rules, never letting anything keep him from the course. Whether it be time he could be sleeping in, time spent at home with the kids or time spent binge-watching his and his wife, Angie’s, favorite tv-show, Watson rises above all of the temptations to get on the green and train as much as he can.

Surprisingly, Watson is not alone in his personal sacrifices that he’s made in the name of sport. According to Oakley’s ONE OBSESSION athlete survey, which examined the behaviors and lifestyles of “The Obsessed,” two-thirds (66%) of athletes say they’ve had to forgo things in their lives in order to be able to train for and participate in their sport.

Watson exhibits true determination and extreme focus to push through training on the hard days, never allowing enticements to get in his way. While sometimes he may rather be catching up on his favorite show or sleeping in, IT’S OK in the name of obsession.

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