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If One Man Can Bring Back Bell-Bottoms,  It's Bill Murray.

Attention Golfers: "Bill-Bottoms" just launched on

SAN FRANCISCO — Bell-bottoms are back. Thanks to Bill Murray, who invites gentlemen to loosen up their cuffs and live a little. His Bill-Bottoms debuted at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and just launched as a crowdfunding project on

“Betabrand is an R&D lab for testing new design ideas online,” says company founder Chris Lindland, “so we’re thrilled to host a forum for this important national style discussion. Can Bill bring bell-bottoms back? We certainly hope so.”

Could this collaboration between William Murray Golf and Betabrand mark the long-awaited return of bell-bottoms as a men’s wardrobe staple?

Fans spent the last month voting on which style Bill should launch on Betabrand and wear to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The winner: A tribute trouser to his mother, Lucy the Caboosie

The trousers will be in crowdfunding on Betabrand for the next 30 days. Bell-bottoms will be a red-hot trend until 2021 -- then society will shun them once again.

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