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Premier Aerials - Demo Reel

Company: Premier Aerials

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Drone/Equipment: DJI Inspire

Aerial Photography

Your course will only be photographed during good weather while paying special attention to the best angles. We will shoot all of the important aspects of your course, each golf hole, the clubhouse, as well as a high altitude overview.

The thumbnail images will be added to our web site for your review and selection of the final images. Each final image will be expertly retouched with the following objectives:

  • Correct brown spots and problem areas

  • Clean up water hazards to a realistic blue

  • Replace any sky as needed with a great looking sky

  • Take out visual clutter such as people, carts, trash, and course equipment, etc.

  • Additional retouching can be done, by your direction

We will deliver a CD to you with the final images and then put them to our web site for future orders.

HD Video

Premier Aerials will create a great HD Video of your course. We will assist you in all of the planning and make the arrangements for a very smooth and simple operation.

  • Fly & film each hole and your facilities

  • Complete the editing, color corrections and stabilization of the video

  • Make the voiceovers with your script and set to music

  • Produce a high quality DVD

Your new DVD will be invaluable for all of your promotion and marketing. You will easily approach high profile tournaments, marketing, add course tours to your web sites, member recruitment, and DVD sales to your current members.

What better way is there to tour the beauty of your golf course!

Ground Photography

Our photographers have spent more than 20 years pursuing their passion photographing golf courses and resorts. They have nearly three decades of experience in corporate advertising photography. We photograph courses from the air as well as the ground and using their significant experience to capture their beauty. Our images have been on 18 covers of Colorado Golf magazine and the creation of the 1988 Dye Designs Calendar for golf course designer Perry Dye.

We will shoot 25 final images of your course with advertising principals in mind. Verticals, horizontals and panoramics with space for copy. The best images are then retouched, and burned to a CD for your website and publication needs. The same images will be added to your aerial shots on our website for use in print and award needs.

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