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The Vice Sports Guide to Pro Golf: Caddies

In the latest episode of VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf presented by Callaway, VICE Sports meets with Phil Mickelson's caddie to learn the ins and outs of being a professional golfer's right-hand man.

BROOKLYN, NY - VICE Sports today debuts the newest episode of VICE Sports Guide to Pro Golf, the series exploring the intricacies of professional golf and the significant figures on the green turf. Presented by Callaway, VICE Sports’ Fernando Perez had the chance to meet with Jim “Bones” Mackay, Phil Mickelson’s caddie for the last two and a half decades. He’s been a significant part of one of the top careers in professional golf and gives his unique perspective on Phil's career.

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VICE Sports’ Fernando Perez had a chance to play a quick round with "Bones" in Arizona and learns the technical side of the business from the caddy. During their time on the course, Bones shows Perez the basics of caddying, including advice on how to not put anything negative in a golfer's head. Bones also recounts the time not having food for Phil when he was starving at the 1995 US Open that still haunts him today and details what it was like being next to Mickelson when he won his very first Masters back in 2004.

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