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David Leadbetter Launches Golf Performance Program

World-renowned golf coach David Leadbetter has launched a new Leadbetter Golf Performance division with leading sports performance expert Trevor Anderson

ORLANDO, Leadbetter Golf Performance (LGP) is a dynamic performance program that bridges the gap between physical training and golf instruction. The program is grounded in Leadbetter’s instructional fundamentals and has been developed to help improve golfers’ functional movement, while increasing stability, mobility and coordination. LGP is delivered through a series of corrective exercises prescribed from GOLFleticism® Assessments.

“Athleticism, fitness and movement have always been a major part of every other sport, and there is no question that this is the case for golf. For the golfer, an efficiently moving body is extremely important”. - David Leadbetter

Leadbetter Golf Performance will help golfers lower their scores, gain distance, increase shot accuracy, and improve swing efficiency all while conditioning the body for the unconventional movement of the golf swing, resulting in less fatigue and decreasing the chance of injury.

“This approach involves your body first, if you don’t get your body doing the right things, then the golf instructor can not get you in the right positions and use the right skills to get you better. “ – Trevor Anderson

Leadbetter and Anderson have worked together since 2009 and are part of the successful team behind LPGA World #1 Lydia Ko, 2x World Long Drive Champion Tim Burke, and several other Tour players.

“Working with TA and the Leadbetter Team has really increased my endurance on those long stretches of tournaments on Tour, I feel so much more grounded, stable and athletic in my swing, thanks to adding performance lessons to my daily routine”. – Lydia Ko, LPGA World #1

LGP programs will be delivered by a group of certified fitness and golf instructors who will undertake a 3-level training program written and assessed by LGP. Upon completion of the certification program, LGP Certified Trainers will receive on-going education and re-certification annually. Leadbetter and Anderson are supported by an LGP council, which includes some of the world's leading experts in golf performance, including Jean-Jacques Rivet (Head of Biomechanics & Sport Performance ETPI), Dr. Steven Lorick, President of HyBridZone, and Dr. Joe LaCaze, Owner of Rotex Motion. LGP has also strategically partnered with Under Armour, TRX, SPRI, Rotex, and Better Every Day Gym.

“Leadbetter Golf Performance has been a big part of plan to reach my goal to defend my Long Drive World Championship Title. Since my first title in 2013, I have gotten even faster, more stable and more efficient with my stability, mobility and sequence using the GOLFleticism® training. Incorporating this as my daily training routine with TA helps me feel unbeatable.” – Tim Burke, 2-Time and Current World Long Drive Champion

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About David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is an icon in golf, credited with inventing the modern golf instruction industry. David’s unique and holistic approach to the golf swing has helped countless Tour professionals reach the pinnacle of the sport including 21 Major winners and 7 No. 1s, as well as amateurs around the world play to their potential. Current coach of several LPGA Tour Players including Lydia Ko, Michelle Wie, as well as European Tour players such as 2015 Rookie of the Year Byeong-Hun “Ben” An. Aside from that, his focus on teacher training and development has helped grow his network of elite coaches and Leadbetter Golf Academies across the globe.

About Trevor Anderson

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Trevor has achieved acclaim in the golf world by utilizing a scientific approach to guide the enhancement of golf biomechanics, swing efficiency, and overall athletic movement. Trevor helps players at the Leadbetter Golf Academy enhance golf performance using an informative, educational, and interactive physical training program. One of the most sought out trainers among by many of the top professional and junior golfers in the world. He often works with PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and Symetra Tour players, including Major Winners and top ten world ranked players.

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