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Christmas Gift Guide for Golfers

With December now upon us, time is ticking away to complete your Christmas shopping and preperations. Along with caroling and eggnog comes crowded malls and holiday chaos, which is why I have a whole new appreciation for online shopping. As such, all the items listed in our gift guide are conviniently available with a couple clicks of your mouse (and your credit card number).

Have a look through the items listed below, and hopefully you'll find that perfect gift for the golfer in your life, and maybe an idea or two for you to add to your own wish list. Ranging from stocking stuffers to feature present, all of these gifts are sure to put a smile on any golfers face.

TLink Golf GPS - $99

TLink provides the best 'bang for your buck' golf GPS device on the market today. This lightweight Bluetooth device pairs with your smartphone to give you accurate front, middle, and back yardages to the green. It is also works as a pedometer, tracking your steps, calories, and distance walked on the course. With over 30,000+ courses worldwide, TLink has you covered no matter where you play. TLink is what a GPS golf watch should be – specifically made for golf, lightweight, durable, easy to use, and accurate.

Where to buy:

Gravity Brush - $17

The Gravity Brush will make a great stocking stuffer for any golfer. The convinient design and ease of use ensures your clubs will always be in clean, optimal condition. Goose & Co. Patent-Pending Gravity Brush is a revolutionary golf club brush which contains a signature design with 'Smart Water Dispensing System'. The no-leak solution holds water in the body of the brush and lasting up to '3' rounds of golf before requiring refill. Addition to the design Gravity Brush is incorporated with an integrated groove cleaner to thoroughly clean the club face for maximum effectiveness for every tee shot both off the tee and on the fairway.

Where to buy:

Around the World in 80 Rounds - $11

One of the most entertaining golf books on the market, David Wood's Around the World in 80 Rounds is humorous, insightful, inspiring, and laugh out loud funny. Wood ventures from the southernmost tip of South America to the very top of Norway, and everywhere in between. Along the way he plays the world's most extreme golf courses: the northernmost, the southernmost, the highest, the driest, the hottest, and every strange locale he can find. But this isn't just a book about just golf. It's about travel, and risks, and leaving your comfort zone to pursue your dreams.

Where to buy: Amazon

Chase 54 - Golf Polo - From $35

If you're looking to improve the golf wardrobe of someone on your Christmas list, look no further. Born to innovate, Chase54's mission is to elevate golf apparel’s fabrics and technology to heights unattainable by other brands. "We put our dollars where they should go…right into the garments." Our research and development innovation and craftsmanship brings you what you deserve – the ultimate fusion of style and performance. Our new FUSION54 family of technologies has something for you to brave a variety of elements – on course and off. Feel it to believe it.

Where to buy:

SwingByte - Virtual Coach - $169

Perect for the techie golfer on your list, SwingByte is a digital swing analyzer that transmits motion data to a golfer’s mobile device. The Virtual Coach component is an intuitive platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze a golfer’s swing and identify the most important swing and body faults present. The Swingbyte sensor attaches to the shaft of any club, captures motion data and transmits it to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. From there, the Swingbyte app displays real-time swing data, allowing users to view their swing in full 3D along with swing speed, club path, plane, attack angle and much more. By employing a machine-learning algorithm that combines Swingbyte data with a knowledge base of over 100 pre-defined faults, Virtual Coach can identify the top swing flaws that impact a golfer’s ball flight. In a matter of seconds, Virtual Coach can display a series of video lessons and drills on how to correct and improve the swing flaws.

Where to buy:

Bushnell Tour X - $499

The TOUR X has been engineered with Exchange Technology. Using two interchangeable faceplates, Exchange Technology gives the golfer a 2-in-1 device. The TOUR X conforms to USGA rule 14-3/.05 when the black faceplate is engaged. When users switch to the red faceplate, the TOUR X deploys Slope Technology providing players with adjusted distance readings based on elevation changes. The TOUR X features Dual Display Technology (DDT) that allows users to easily toggle between the bright red display featuring Vivid Display Technology or the crisp black display, incredible ranging capability of up to 1,300 yards (450+ yards to a flag), 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and PinSeeker with JOLT Technology.

Where to buy:

Game Golf Live - $399

I have a feeling this will be a high-demand wish list item this year. Arguably the best solution for tracking and analysing your golf game, Game Golf has released a new version of their platform, Game Golf Live. New features include the ability to track your game stats in real-time while on the golf course, on iOS and Android devices.

An official partner of the PGA of America and a best seller on, get yourself setup with the best golf gift this holiday season. It's going to save you time and strokes!

Where to buy:

Explanar - $749

Like wrapping up a hockey stick, it might be tough to conceal this gift under the tree, but it is sure to bring a smile to any golfer. As one of my favorite tools for practicing and perfecting a golf swing, the Explanar helps to create a repeatable and on plane golf swing. Available in full size or in a junior edition ($399), the Explanar is a proven tool for improving your swing regardless if you're a beginer or a scratch golfer.

Where to buy:

Vision Golf - X Grip Glove - $19

The Vision X-Grip golf glove with superior grip technology consists of additional strategically placed silicon dots to provide increased comfort, feel and grip. Washable material technology for enhanced durability and extended long life usage. This low hand stress allows for a lighter grip with less slippage for improved distance/accuracy and greater shot control.

Where to buy:

GolfNow Gift Card - $50-$500

Give the gift of golf this season with a GolfNow gift card. With thousands of participating courses in the United Stats and Canada, finding great tee times has never been easier. This is sure to be a gift that will be enjoyed and will create great on-the-course memories in the season ahead.

Where to buy:

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