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Review - NYNE Bluetooth Speaker

The Good - Easy to use with convinience lightweight case and caribeener clip. The addition of your favorite tunes plaing in the background during a round of golf could be the edge you need to get you in the zone.

The Bad - The range is good, but as with all wireless devices, there is always the risk of interference and lost connections. Phone/music player needs be left in close proximity to speaker at all times.

The Bottom Line - Great little device to provide an added element to your golf game. Plays loud enough that you can enjoy your music, but is quiet enough that you won't be disturbing the entire golf course.

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I was recently introduced to the idea of listening to music while on the golf course. Admittedly, at first I had mixed emotions about the idea... On the one hand, how awesome would it be to listen to my favorite tracks while playing golf... while on the other hand, how would the golf course react to music blaring out on the fairways? After some additional research and testing of my own, provided you aren't rolling in with amps and 12-inch sub-woofers, a portable bluetooth speaker is an excellent way to add some enjoyment to your round of golf. As an example, the NYNE Cruiser speaker I've been using for the past month has proven to be an amazing little speaker with several features that make it ideal for the golf course. The small, compact device provides ample volume for the golf course, loud enough to enjoy your tunes, but quiet enough that you won't be disturbing anyone else on neighboring fairways. The crisp/clear sound quality had me strutting down the fairways giving a subtle boost to my 'golf swagger'. Although I'm unsure whether or not music on the course has lead to lowered scores, it did provide me with a sense of relaxation and confidence, which doesn't hurt. If nothing else, it has undoubtedly lead to an increase in my enjoyment for being out on the golf course. Additional features of the NYNE Cruiser include: - 10 hours of battery life - Bluetooth 4.0 - Speakerphone capability - Back-up smartphone battery with built-in powerbank NYNE, an innovator of lifestyle inspired audio products, offers golfers two versatile Bluetooth speakers for playing music on and off the course. The NYNE Cruiser and TT portable Bluetooth speakers let golfers enjoy their favorite music whether they’re driving the course or walking with or without a push cart. With Bluetooth 4.0 and near field communication (NFC), golfers can quickly and easily connect their smartphone, tuck it away in a pocket or bag, and wirelessly stream music up to 33 feet away.

“While practicing or playing, music is becoming more popular on the golf course to help players stay loose and enjoy the round,” said Arman Arami, president of NYNE. “The Cruiser and TT are versatile speakers with sleek designs that players can place in a golf cart, hook on a bag, or clip on a push cart. With up to 10 hours of battery life, the speakers will last through all your hole-in-one victory dances. Both speakers can also act as a back-up smartphone battery with built-in powerbanks.”

NYNE Cruiser

The NYNE Cruiser Bluetooth speaker has a small, almond-shape design that is perfect for those who walk or drive the course. Its soft carrying case with carabineer clip makes it easy to attach to a golf bag for transport while walking, or it can be positioned inside a golf cart’s cubby hole, on the front dashboard, or in a rear basket. The Cruiser also comes with mounting clips that can be used on a push cart or golf cart, depending on the configuration. It features 10 watts of sound and is available in four color combinations.


The NYNE TT Bluetooth speaker has a long and thin design that is perfect for players using a golf cart. It can be placed in a rear basket or hooked over a side railing using its carrying case with shoulder strap. Off the course, the TT is designed for music enjoyment everywhere you go – from home to a friend’s house to the pool on a family vacation. The TT features 16 watts of powerful sound and is available in black/red or white/grey.

Pricing & Availability

The NYNE Cruiser ($79.95) and TT ($129.95) are available now online and at regional retailers, including BrandsMart, Dearden’s, Fry’s Electronics, Huppin’s, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and World Wide Stereo. For more information on the NYNE product line, visit About NYNE NYNE, a lifestyle inspired audio brand, is part of California-based BOSS International Group (BIG), a leader in mobile audio products for more than 25 years. NYNE designs and manufactures its audio products to enhance the enjoyment of music by today’s connected consumer, wherever life takes them. A collaboration of a group of Silicon Valley veterans, acoustical engineers and audio experts with a passion for technology, NYNE is dedicated to producing high-end, quality products with superb acoustics and unparalleled technology integration. For more information about NYNE’s innovative product line, please visit Connect with NYNE socially on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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