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Golf Aerial Projects

Eat Sleep Golf is a brand development agency, focused 100% on the golf industry and the growth of our network.  We strive to create a thriving community with like-minded individuals and organizations to collectively expand our reach.  We're doing this through industry analysis and creating solutions that will provide value to our clients, partners as well as to industry enthusiasts.  Through our various projects and partner collaborations, we're creating a social and media driven hub intended to provide a wealth of exposure opportunities.  

The Eat Sleep Golf network, consists of our own initiatives and collaborations including:

Golf Aerials  

Over the last 4 years, we've filmed and produced nearly 500 stunning promotional and hole-by-hole videos for golf courses and resorts from coast to coast.  To date our videos have received over 1 million views and have been shared by golf courses, tourism boards, nationwide golf shows, TV productions and countless media outlets! 

We've completed several large scale regional projects (including British Columbia, Prince Edward Island & Ontario). Our PEI Project was the largest golf related aerial film project ever completed in Canada. In 2018 we're excited to be embarking on several other regional projects including:

The Muskoka Project (Muskoka, Ontario, Canada)

The Paradise Project (Naples, Florida, USA)

We launched the Golf Aerials website to properly showcase our aerial flyover productions and resources in on place.  To view some of our epic footage or to learn more about upcoming projects, please visit:

The Golf Gazette 

Our official distribution platform for industry news, press release and creative content.  The Golf Gazette is focused on sharing and distributing industry news and announcements from throughout the global golf community.  Posts on The Golf Gazette are shared on the website, via social media (Twitter, Facebook & Google+) and are pushed out to over 20,000 opt-in email subscribers on a weekly basis. 


For more info and/or to read the last golf news, visit: 

The #WednesdayMatchPlay


We not only provide clients with opportunities through these outlets, but we also work along side our brands to create a seamless branding solution including, messaging, digital communication, graphic design, social campaigns, video integration and much more.  

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