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About Eat Sleep Golf

We are a media and brand development agency with a passion for golf.  What does that mean? It means we believe in fostering relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations in an effort to work together to grow the game we know and love. 


Aristotle said it best when he said "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts".

"I first got involved in the golf industry because of the business and networking opportunities, but quickly fell in love with the game and the way it often reflects the complexities of life. That was over 15 years ago." - Scott Stevens, Director of Innovations.  


We've always loved the social component of golf both on and off the course, and as such, social media has become a large part of our efforts.  We're constantly engaging with other industry enthusiasts, creating content, organizing campaigns and monitoring trends.

We work with companies to help define their brands and share their story with the industry.  This often includes social media campaigns, graphic design, creative content, press releases, ad campaigns, interview opportunities, earned media exposure and more.

As a part of the Eat Sleep Golf network, we're proud to have launched two additional brands to assist us in servicing our clients and the industry. They include:

The Golf Gazette - Focused on sharing and distributing golf news and press releases with the world.  Through the website, social channels and weekly e-blasts, The Golf Gazette is reaching thousands of golf enthusiasts every week. To read the latest, visit:

Golf Aerials - Taking the golf industry to new heights, the Golf Aerials brand has grown to be the largest golf focused aerial brand in the Canada.  Focused on golf course and resort filming, Golf Aerials has filmed and produced nearly 500 stunning promotional and hole-by-hole videos.  Collectively, these videos have reached over 1 Million views.  Have a look for yourself at:

Also a large part of the ESG network has been our partnership with Ricky Potts.

#WednesdayMatchPlay Interview Show -

Golf Aerial Projects

Featured Brands

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