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TLink Golf


The World's Lightest GPS Golf Watch


TLink is a lightweight Bluuetooth device that pairs with your smartphone to give you the front, middle, and back yardages to the green.  TLink also comes with a beltclip option.




Golf Yardages


Get precise front, middle back yardages using Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate with your smartphone.  Simply connect the TLink to your smartphone, open up the GPS app on your phone and that's it.




The leading Golf GPS Watch weighs 56 grams.  TLink is the lightest wearable golf technology, weighing only 30 grams (that's nearly half the weight of competitors).  But if you prefer not to wear a watch, TLink also fits into a belt clip (included).



Track steps, distance walked and calories burned on or off the golf course using TLinks built in accelerometer.  When not playing golf, you can also use TLink as a stylish watch

30,000+ Courses


TLink works with over 30,000+ golf courses worldwide to make sure you are covered wherever you go.  You focus on your game and let us make sure you have the precise information to take your game even further.



TLink is available in 5 unique colored skins. Available in black, white, blue, red & pink.  Accessories your TLink to match your golf apparel.

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