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Vice Sports Presents Off Day: Jamie Sadlowski

In the latest episode of VICE Sports' Off Day presented by Callaway, VICE Sports checks in with Jamie Sadlowski, a two-time world champion long driver with a hockey background — a real-life Happy Gilmore

BROOKLYN, NY - VICE Sports today premieres the latest episode of Off Day featuring champion long driver Jamie Sadlowski. One of the leading long drivers in the world, Sadlowski is able to hit a golf ball a staggering 450 yards at speeds of over 200 mph. He got his start playing hockey in Canada's Alberta Junior Hockey League as captain of the Bonnyville Pontiacs, before hanging up his skates and becoming a full-time golfer. Presented by Callaway, VICE Sports spends the day with the real life Happy Gilmore in Scottsdale, Arizona, starting the day at the rink so Jamie can show off his 95 mph slap shot. Afterwards, Sadlowski and VICE Sports search for a driving range that can safely accommodate his 400+ yard swing. Along the way, Sadlowski shares stories about competing in international long drive championships (occasionally while hungover), reveals how he got his start golfing, and talks about how surprised he is to this day that he's able to make a living solely off the strength of his drives. Watch Off Day: Jamie Sadlowski

VICE Sports' long-running Off Day series follows athletes off the field and explores the entertaining and bizarre ways our favorite athletes use their limited free time. The series gets a unique look at who our favorite athletes really are when they’re not under the glare of the stadium's lights.

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