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Golf Instruction & Fitness

Golf coaches, intstructors, mental training, swing training programs etc.

  • Better Golf Academy - We offer the #1 After School Golf Program in the country - right on school campus! We also offer private instruction, camps, tournaments & more!

  • Beginner Golf Swing Tips - Beginner Golf Swing Tips is dedicated to providing easy to understand golf instruction for beginning to intermediate golfers.  There are instructional articles and videos, helpful tips and hints, and golf equipment reviews all aimed at helping beginning golfers improve their swing and lower their scores. All articles are original.

  • CoachTube - Golf Instructional Videos - CoachTube offers some of the best golf coaches instructional video on demand anytime, anywhere. 

  • GolfTec - For more than 20 years, GolfTEC has been helping golfers of all skill levels play better and enjoy the game more. 

  • Make The TurnWe create winning strategies in performance and lifestyle development. 

  • Mental Edge Golf - Mental Edge Golf is a unique mental training program that integrates education and application to train the fundamentals needed to achieve maximum performance.

  • Mobi Coach - World's 1st Real-Time, Remote Mobile Coaching & Video Analysis platform.

  • Fix Your Game - Golf news, commentary, instruction. -- The world's easiest and best golf instruction website.

  • Florida Golf Instruction - All about Golf in Florida, especially Golf Schools & Instructors, Vacation Packages, Golf Resorts and more.

  • Golf State of Mind - Want to figure out how to improve your Mental Game and improve with every round?

  • Shrink Your Handicap - Renowned sports psychiatrist Phil Lee and a top 100 golf instructor share secrets to dramatically improve your golf game fast.

  • Tathata GolfCompletely Reshaping The Way Golf Is Learned & Played

  • The Acrobat Caddie Girls - Las Vegas #1 Female Golf Caddies; Hire an Acrobat Caddie Girl in Las Vegas for a FUN Golfing Experience. 

  • The Winning Golf Mind - The Ultimate Golf Advantage. Improve your game today.

  • ThinQ Golf - THINQ GOLF was designed to improve the mental aspects of your golf game by providing you access to golf-specific brain exercise video games, and education.

  • Yoga For Golfers


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