Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have quickly become headlining topics of 2018. Although our main focus is on the golf industry, one of our favorite aspects of this market is how it acts as an amazing platform for networking and business development. 

We believe Blockchain and crypto currency to be an emerging and ground breaking solution, and we look forward to further evaluating the technology and it's impact on global industries. 

Crypto Lunch N Learn

We're excited to be launching an intro to cryptocurrency 'Lunch N Learn' series intended to introduce the golf community to crypto currency and blockchain technology.  

These sessions are one hour in length and will cover an introductory level relating to cryptocurrency in general, understanding blockchain technology, market volotility, ways to get involved (as well as opportunities to avoid) and much more.  We'll answer questions such as:

- What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (history, why it's important)

- What is Blockchain Tehnology?

- How can I get involved? (mining, echanges, investing, trading, accepting as payment)

- How can I protect my cryptocurrency? (storage options/digital wallets etc)

- I've made some money, now what? (How to exit back to CAD, spending/donating crypto)

- Q & A Session (question and answer period with attendees).

Registration is free to members of the host golf course, and $25 public attendees.  These sessions are informational in nature and not intended to be financial advice.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming sessions and helping to de-mystify the cryptocurrency industry.

The Briars Golf Club - Intro to Cryptocurrency Lunch N Learn

Date: July 18th - 12:30 - 1:30

Location: The Briars Golf Club

127 Hedge Road, Jackson's Point, Ontario

Date: July 14th - 12:30 - 1:30

Location: The Briars Golf Club

127 Hedge Road, Jackson's Point, Ontario


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What is blockchain technology

Different Crypto Coins

Market Volotility

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