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Golf Maui

March-April, 2018

We are thrilled to be embarking on this project in one of the worlds most spectacular golf destinations. Know for beautiful weather, amazing beaches, fantastic local culture and of course amazing golf courses.  

For this project we'll be providing aerial filming to the regions golf courses, including promotional videos and individual hole-by-hole flyover videos.  


For more information about the project and/or to get involved, please contact us.

Project Overview & Background

Last year we embarked on the largest golf course aerial film project even done in Canada.  It included the filming of 15 golf courses in Prince Edward Island and the production of nearly 300 promotional and hole-by-hole videos.  After the successful completion of this project, we've now set our sights on the Muskoka region.

The goal of this project will be to create a stunning collection of aerial videos showcasing the world class golf throughout the Muskoka region.  This will include video libraries for individual courses as well as compilation videos showcasing multiple facilities as well as other tourist attractions.

Over the coming two years, our goal is to film all 26 Muskoka golf courses and produce over 400 promotional and hole-by-hole videos.  As this is a huge project, we are currently working with local businesses as well as the golf courses to finalize all the details.  

Golf Course Opportunity

We want to be as inclusive as possible, with a goal of filming all 26 golf courses in the Muskoka region during the 2017/2018 seasons. With the help of local businesses and industry sponsors, we're offering a complimentary one day film session to all golf courses in the region.  This includes a morning (sunrise) film session as well as an evening (sunset) session where we will film 4-5 signature holes, around clubhouse and other feature areas.  From there, we'll compile a 2-3 minute promotional video showcasing the facility.  Filming is done in hi-def 4K, with a top of the line quad copter drone.  Final video products will be displayed on our website, hosted on Vimeo with no advertisements. 

Filming for the 2017 season will take place July-September.  Interested courses can please contact us to further discuss the project and schedule tentative film dates.

Interested courses also have the option to upgrade their package, to include the filming of all 18 holes where we will produce the above mentioned promotional video as well as 18 individual hole-by-hole flyover videos to create a true 'virtual tour' of the course.  We are offer this package at a 50% discount of our regular rate.


This package also includes a library of hi-resolution aerial still shots as well as exposure in the Adam Scott Mi Golf Club mobile app.

Project Sponsors

Thank you to all the great companies and organizations who have already pledged their support.  You're involvement will go a long way in helping to make this a world class project.  

Interested in supporting this project? Contact us for available opportunities.  

Sponsor Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in being a part of this epic, world class project.  With the help of local businesses and industry partners, we're embarking on something truly spectacular.  Your support will go a long way in helping us create an all inclusive project for golf courses in the area, and helping cover project costs including: travel expenses, film costs, post-production, music royalties etc.  

We are seeking two categories of sponsors, local businesses and golf brands.

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